Our certified (SFDC) administrators and developers can implement Salesforce to meet your custmer relationship management needs while leveraging SFDC’s extensibility to improve your efficiency through business process review and automation. We have deep experience with all facets of from design, data conversion and custom development to integration, training and support.

Our SFDC implementation experience spans all company sizes, from a ten person sales team to Fortune 100 companies. We are available to handle any individual pieces of your implementation, or the entire process.

We are based out of South Texas (Houston, Victoria, etc) and due to "being in the cloud," we can can serve any location.

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cloud-based crm selection

Selecting the right Customer Relationship Management platforms and technologies makes the difference between a successful or failed initiative. Navigating the cloud without a guide can cause delays and unnecessary back tracking.

Let Razor IT Solutions be your Cloud CRM Sherpa, and we’ll provide a set of consulting offerings designed to align your business processes with leading cloud platforms and technologies. We’ll take you up the right path.