Digital Advertising

Razor IT Solutions has dedicated advertising and marketing specialists to manage your digital advertising on all networks, including mobile. Razor’s team can create customized ad graphics and engaging content to best represent your company or product. We can remove the hassle and worry from managing digital advertising and also providing detailed monthly reports for your convenience.


Razor's digital advertising specialists have extensive knowledge of the algorithms and key components of digital advertising on social media networks. Knowing precise times to run ads, who to target, and what content works. Razor has experience managing ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and many of your social media networks.p>


Razor’s knowledge of general web advertising include running ads through display networks, search engines, and on any specific website your company would like to advertise. We are a full-service advertising shop. Your ad graphics are created in-house to avoid long wait time on changes or content creation.


Retargeting is the boost your company needs to support on-going digital advertising. Retargeting allows for graphic advertisements to follow a recent visitor of your website. This type of advertising aids existing advertising campaigns by extended exposure.