Custom Apps

Who We Are

Razor IT Solutions has deep experience in building custom applications for many industries across many different platforms. Two Platforms that we develop the most on are:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Based Custom Apps

Razor IT Solutions can design and development any mobile application. If you can think of it, we can build it. We have experience in all mobile platforms, and we specialize in iOS and Android application development.

What Do We Do?

Our corporate mobile development group can design and develop tools that interact with your corporate applications. We can also build mobile applications that work on their own. We have built iPhone apps that use geo-location and database connections to help companies route their trucks to their own customers.

Our personal mobile development group can design and develop applications for the consumer. One of our more popular iphone applications has been an invitation wedding app that can be used in conjunction with a traditional invitation for destination weddings.

Choose an app dev company with experience.

Razor IT Solutions has been developing for the iphone since the very first model and planned development for the iPad for over a year prior to its announcement. We expect the best from our design and development team, so we can exceed your expectations.