Razor IT Solutions is a data shop. We can slice, dice, transform, move, and fix your data. Most of the original staff came from a data background. This is important because no matter what technology you are using, the data is the key component across all applications and technologies. As a company, Razor IT Solutions has focused on providing data solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

Data Conversions – When implementing a new system, many times a data conversion is required from a legacy system. Razor IT Solutions has a dedicated staff that can assist you with this conversion from the requirements, data mapping, and transformation code development. There is an old saying about data conversions, “You can never get promoted for doing a good conversion but you can always get fired for doing a bad one”. Data conversions carry a lot of risk. The Gartner Group states that “83% of all data migration projects either fail outright or suffer significant cost overruns and/or delays”. Let us remove the risk so that you can focus on the key aspects of the project.

Data Cleansing – At the root of all data issues and challenges are the quality of the data. We have the tools and the people to ensure your data is cleansed from the beginning as well as ongoing maintenance of your data. Razor IT Solutions is not a group that will come in and only strategize with you on how to fix the data. We will partner with you and do the coding and heavy lifting ourselves at your direction. Whether you are looking for a one time event or ongoing maintenance we can help.

Political Data –We have access to large amounts of data such as any counties primary voter history. We have the ability to take this data and cross reference with any number of different data sources. One example is that we have the ability to send you every person who voted for a particular party in the primary, tell you if they own or rent their home, if they own their home home much their home is valued, and almost any other detail you can imagine.